install INDIAEASY HERE. Then go to any webpage in Hindi, Bengali, Telugu etc… and click the icon indiaeasy top right, websites in these languages will then be transliterated to western alphabet.

The original script is left intact in case you choose to translate any words with an extension such as MYVOCABU, which also plays audio for some languages.

à i u e o short vowel
a í ú é ó long vowel

Instant transliteration for major Brahmic scripts of South Asia
reversible 1:1 univocal minimized map for visual ease and memory
great language immersion tool for exposure to content and alphabet
motivate language learning with real web articles
BR Brahmic.net
HI:Devanagari (Hindi, Marathi, Nepali, Maithili) BN:Eastern Nagari (Bangla/Bengali Bangladesh, Assamese) TE:Telugu TA:Tamil GU:Gujarati KN:Kannada ML:Malayalam OR:Odia PA:Punjabi (Gurmukhi) SI:Sinhalese (Sri Lanka) DZ:Tibetan

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BR kḱ xᶍ gqĝ ǵ ǥ c ç jzĵ ɉ ñ ŧ ţ đðD ᶁḏ ń t ť d ď n p fᶂ b ƀ m y r ɍ l ł ľ v ś ş s h
HI कक़ खख़ गग़ॻ जज़ॼ डड़ॾ ढढ़ फफ़
BN র/ৰ
ML ഩ*
OD ନ଼ ୟ ଯ ର଼ ଳ଼ ଵ ୱ
PA ਲ਼ ਸ਼
SI ග ඟ ඵ ෆ
DZ  གྷ “ཞ”ཟ  ཌྷ  དྷ  ྔ  ྲ  ླ
br a i í u ú e é o ó êâ ôã ŕ ŗ ĺ ļ ṇ/ṃ zwsp · a á i í u ú e é o ó êâ  ôã ŕ ŗ ĺ ļ
hi ि ॅॆ ॉॊ ं ँ ॲऄऍ ऎऑऒ
bn ি ং ঽ ‍‍্
te ి ం ఁ ‍‍্
ta ி ‍‍ஃ
gu િ  ૄ  ી  ઌ ‍‍઼
kn ಿ ‍‍಼
ml ി ൢ ൽ ൣ ൾ ‍‍
od ି ଂ ଁ ‍‍଼
pa ਿ ੱ ੍ ‍ਂ
si ැ ෑ ෛ ෞ  ් ඕ ඩ් ඇ ඈ ඓ ඖ
dz ཨ འ ཱ ཾ ྃ ཿ

\u200D-> zwj unchanged, visible when watching SRT subtitles
Sinhala ඦ ඹ ඬ ඥ ‍ඳ
copyright 2015 brahmic.net